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The Best Leadership Event of 2023

What today's 
Movers & Shakers need to know.

Taking you through A Day In The Life

June 21st,

TPepin's Hospitality Centre,


LeaderFest 2023

A Day In The Life
is a workshop event for professionals

across all industries.
This powerful experience will provide you

with insights from two exceptional industry leaders that combined, have seen it all! 

We invite you to expand your skills, get

inspired and meet other Movers & Shakers,

like you.

No events at the moment

LF23  Speakers

They're Simply the Best

No events at the moment

Heading 2

Roy Speaker headshot_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

You're in for a Treat!

Fascinating Storytellers

Engaging Speakers 

All Around


TJ Headshot 2_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

LF23 Workshops

Learn From Two of the Best.

Together They've Seen Everything!

Engage with Professionals like You.

No events at the moment

Master Personal Development

Your success begins "in" and works "out".

Recognize PAFU Behavior

Your initiation into the PAFU Nation.

Become a Talent Navigator

Answer the question "where are we" before you hit the rocks.

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